How to create Apk Download Website & Make $ 1500 Per Month

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How to create apk website professionally?

As you know play store and app store are the only sources that you can get the official application and apk files to your Android or iPhone device. But remaining site such as apkpure, apk mirror sites are sourcing .apk files from some other sites and they are hosting the files with their hosting. In that, they can modify the files.

My apk Website

My apk Website

Hence to get exact. apk file from play-store, we do not have any specific website.

Ok, now you get the doubt about what is the benefit of creating play-store application website? Yes, you can make huge money. Truly I am earning almost $450 USD per month from that site only. And the traffic is growing day by day (Organic only). You can check the below picture.

apk website search console data

My apk website search console data

Note that It is total automation, and you do not need to create a single content.

Adsense revenue data

Adsense revenue data Aug-2020

Let see how to create apk downloading website without hosting any .apk files.

Financial Requirements:

  • You need a VPS or Shared Hosting with minimum 1 GB RAM and 1,000,000 Number of inodes. Here, a higher number of inodes creates a high number of organic traffic. I have VPS and Shared hosting. It costs
  • WordPress premium theme along with the premium plugin is called Play poster

Buy Playposter plugin

Why I suggest Hostinger for creating apk website:

Look, It is cheap and hostinger only the hosting provider provides almost 6,00,000 inodes with their hosting package (Not Blue Host or Hostgator).

Higher inodes = higher traffic = higher profit

Check Here Hostinger Hosting price

By calculating above, you need to inverse 100 USD (7500 INR) for creating app downloading website.

Website Step-up:

  • Keep your PHP version to 7.2
  • After purchasing Webhosting, just install WordPress on your server.
  • Login to your website dashboard and go to the appearance
  • Choose the theme option.
  • There you see an upload option. Click on that, upload the theme that you have purchased. Then activate it.
  • Afterwards, go to the plugin area. Click on new. There you get an upload option. using that upload play poster plugin which you have purchased along with your theme.
  • After uploading, you can activate the plugin by uploading the license key which you will get from the themeson dashboard.

Apk website auto-setup:

After installing the plugin, you see a play poster setting icon in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. It has 6 options look at the image,



Play poster: This page is used to share the information about your server settings and license details.

Explore: This is the most important setting since we collect the play store application form that links only.

Template: This option is useful for setting up the user interface. At the beginner level, you do not need to touch anything.

Champaign: This setting is useful for adding the play store application link and put them in an automatic posting mode with the regular intervals.

Add new Template: It used to add a new template for auto posting.

Auto-posting Setup process:

  • Go to Explore option

Auto blog setup

  • There you see games and application. Choose any one and click on that. But by default highest downloaded games application will be loaded in your dashboard.
  • Click “Select all” then all the application will be selected. Here, by clicking app id you can collect the application play store ids.
  • Now you can directly post all the application instantly or you can add it to the Champaign (Here, Champaign has to be created before).
  • If you want the further android application, then just scroll the by and you see an option called “Load More”
  • By clicking that, you can collect many applications.

How to Create Auto champaign:

Create Auto champaign

Create Auto champaign

  • Go to Auto blog option in Play poster
  • On that, you see the option “Add New Campaign”. Click on that,
  • Choose the template and it can be created by using Add new template option.
  • Paste the play store ID.
  • Choose the time of interval for posting each post.
  • Put the name on the champaign. Then post it.
  • The champaign automatically publishes the post.

SEO Setup:

Play poster does not require any special SEO setup. But you should submit the sitemap to the search console.

Note: No need to install any SEO plugin. Just install the XML sitemap plugin. That’s enough.

Some important settings:

This is optional but for publishing a higher number of post-it will help you.

Here, the play poster has an inbuilt algorithm to collect all the data from the play store. It collects all the data such as image, description, rating author, category, number installation etc. In that, the default setting has that the image will be stored in our server. It means each application’s image will be uploaded into our server.

It causes a high number of inodes usage. You need to spend 30 inodes for 1 application. Therefore, you cannot publish many applications. Therefore, do the following settings to save the inodes.

  • Go to template option in play poster. There you see a list of template which you have created before.
  • Click on edit option,
  • You see all the template option. Scroll down. Here you change the image Storage settings from Upload option to hotlink. It means, that the image further will not save in your database. Look at the image.
Hotlink settings

Hotlink settings

  • By doing above setting your server use only 5 inodes for one post.

Adsense Ads setup:

  • You can set up Adsense ads by visiting the theme option. By hovering the theme option, you see an option called “Advertisement”
  • By clicking that, you can add your Adsense ad code at the specific location.


Guys, Initially I did not trust that trick. But later on, it helps me a lot. If you have any doubt, please comment to me.

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    Can you please guide me step bu step, over the phone at your available time. I’m without job for long time. Kindly help me to earn some money. Thank you in advance!

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    friend a question, if the content is extracted from the play store adsense does not ban for copied content?

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    Apk mod download website google will not accept AdSense, How can i add adsense tell me please

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