How to add Social share button on WordPress Website

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How to add Social share button in sidebar for your WordPress Website:

Sharing your post in social media is the great way of boosting your website traffic and you can grow your audience. In this tutorial, we are going to see the step by step guide to activate social sharing button to your website.
We are going to see two types of social share plugin:
1) Content below and above social sharing button
2) Social share button on Content sidebar to your website
Let’s start:
1) Content below and above social sharing Button:
To activate this, you have to install one plugin is called access press social share. You can get this social share icon from your plugin store or from WordPress org. Follow the steps to activate this plugin.
This plugin is having advantage that you can get the total social shared counts also.
Step1: Login to your wordpress admin panel => Go to plugin => Click on add new plugin => Search the name of “accesspress social share” => Click on Install plugin => Select activate the plugin
Step2: You can see the plugin icon”Access Press Social share”  in your control panel. => Click on the icon
Step3: You will see First setting as “Social Media chooser” There you select the social media you want to display on your WordPress Website. Also you can order these social sharing button by drag and drop. => Save setting
Step4: Share option: here you select the options where you want to display social share icons, you can display them you click tik on the respective webpages. Example: posts, pages, Front page, Archives, Attachment pages, Categories, and others.
Step5: Display position: Here you choose the option where you want to display the social share button. It has three option such as below content, above content and Both (above and below content). => Save settings.
Step6: Social icons sets and counts display:  In this, Just choose any one out of available icon themes. I recommend to use theme 2. Which is more attractive and Good visible icon for every one. This theme gives better Social share. => Save it.
Step7: Miscellaneous settings: In this, You can enable the social post shared counts which displays the shared counts to your user. => Save it.
Step8: That’s all you have done it.

How to Add floating Social share Button On Your WordPress:

Floating share button means, whenever user surfing on your site the share button will stick on bottom of your every page. Such floating share button generally perform well as compared with inline post social share button. To activate this, follow my steps
Step1: Login to your wordpress dashboard
Step2: Go to theme editor => find header.php file on theme => find head => paste the below code on your theme head => the floating site social share button automatically activated.
Copy and paste on your site
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”></script>
or if you do not know the editor part then you can use insert header and footer plugin. This plugin allows the content or script or html tag to place header as well as footer. if you want to place the code in header then place the code in header section.

Video Tutorial How to install Access Press social share for beginner level:

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