How to cancel google ads account

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How to cancel google ads account:

Google ads account is used to help advertiser to advertise their business online google is the number one internet service provider in today. Google ads offers us to create the following campaigns such as search, video, display, etc. But sometime google ads account can be suspended due to program ads policy violation. In such condition, to get refund from the google ads, we have to cancel the ads account. In this tutorial we are going to see, how to cancel google ads account.
Reason for google ads account suspension:
  • Circumventing Policy violation
  • Payment activity
Lets see,
  • Login to yours google ads account
  • Go to settings => choose setup
  • In that select preference => there you see account status. At normal condition, it will be on active mode. Select the account status => cancel my account
  • After canceling your ads account, the ads automatically stop running.
Note: if your account is suspended due to ads policy violation, then do not create multiple ads account in the same email id. Then the same account also will be suspended.
To run the ads, create new ads account to resume your advertising with google.
Also delete your payment profile after getting refund from the google AdWords. Because of you cannot interface multiple account with the same payment profile without deleting payment profile.

Cancel google adword payment profile:

  • Login to your ads account
  • Go to
  • Select payment and subscriptions. => settings => drag down and find “close the payment profiles”
  • Click on it. Chose reason to cancelation => cancel payment profile.
  • That’s all
Note: before cancelling payment profile make sure that you do not have any other payment transaction with the other google products like adsense, play console, google my business, Gsuit etc. since if you have any one of the above said means, you should not cancel the account.

Video Explanation: How to cancel google adword accounts

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