How to create amazon merch account online

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How to create amazon merch account online:

Amazon is the world number one ecommerce website, from that you can buy anything online from anywhere and you can send product to anywhere in the world. Also many of us making money from amazon either selling a product in the form of affiliate commissions. Also amazon merch is the awesome platform which used to sell your designs on the Tshirts without computer knowledge. But this platform is not available for Indians. It is only available for English speaking countries.
So that in this article we are going to see, how to create amazon merch account from india and how to withdraw moiney from amazon merch account.
Before createing amazon merch account, you should have Payoneer account. Then only we can take the money from amazon.

First what is amazon merch?

Amazon merch is a flex printing platform, by uploading your designs on the Tshits amazon will sell and deliver everything. Our job is to create amazing design only. Amazon will print, deliver, sell and gives the commission for the sold products. Here we do not need to invest money on that or no need to keep inventory for the products.

How amazon merch works:

Simply upload your artwork, choose a product type and color, and add a product description. We’ll create a product page on Amazon and when customers buy your product, we’ll handle production, shipping, and customer service — all with no upfront costs.

Create amazon account from india:

Step1: Create Payoneer account using this link. You should fill correct details on the field. Since all the payment will be received from amazon. The same amount will be directly withdrawn to your bank account.
Step2: Now login to your amazon account using this link. Or create amazon account newly.
Step3: Then you fill three information such as your profile, payment details and tax information. In my profile section enter all your profile details such as country, Name, address etc.
Note: here do not enter your real country if you are in non-English country i.e India. Just put US or UK. Also simultaneously you have to feed all address which is related to the country.
Step4: Enter your payment information from Payoneer account to amazon merch. Here you should give correct payment details.
Step5: Complete your tax information and here your tax information will be collected according to your country, so get any of your friends working in US.
Step6: Then you have to submit a covering letter to the amazon merch team. In that you have to explained about your business and the reference format has given as below.
Hi Amazon team,
I am Poun Kumar from (enter your web address). We are selling genes T shirt, shirts, pants, all formal shirts for more than one decade. Since we have wide range knowledge in T-shirt designing, and we are selling t-shirts with our own design. Such way that, we have many designs are being incorporated without sales in each day.
Coming to our business, we are selling decent number of designs on every day consistently. Recently, we got the information about the Amazon merch and we would like to spread our mind blowing unique designs to the world. We have n number of designs and we upload all on amazon merch. Also we are the selling T shirt on other platform such as redbubble, zazzle and viral style with good out orders.
I feel my designs increases your audience with unique high quality designs.
We well know you guys limit the enrollment but would be looking forward to hear back from you guys with positive.
Thanks & Regards
Poun Kumar
(your url)
Step7: After submitting above letter your account will be reviewed by Amazon team. If your account is compiles their program policies, that you can start uploading your designs.


Using amazon merch you can make million of money by selling tshirst online. But you should not upload any of copyrights designs online, then immediately your account will be terminated.

Video Explanation: How to create Amazon Merch account from india?

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