How to create Custom search ads in adsense

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How to create Custom search ads in adsense:

Creating search ads in adsense makes more money through adsense also you can increase your website traffic. What is search? Search means that the user are willing to find the specific content on your site, that is called searches. Google custom search engine is free tool, also google helps your user to search anything across your site as well as entire web. When the user searching the keyword, directly goes to google search engine and the results will be displayed on your website. Google adsense inserts ads when the user search something on your search result pages. These kind of ads are called as custom search ads. In this article we are going to see how to create custom search ads.
Note: To get custom search ads you should have adsense for content. Since we are going to use custom search engine.

How to create custom search ads:

  • Login to your adsense dashboard
  • Go to ads => Click on other products
  • There you see search ads and activate the same
  • After 30 minutes you see a new tab is called ads for search and it is also called as custom search engine.
  • Now go to ads for search
  • Create ads for search by selecting new custom search engine.
  • Fill Name => put related keywords => search results => if you are willing to place the search results on other page such as other than google means paste the result page URL.
  • Save it => then you get search embed code.
  • Copy and paste the code where you get search quires.
  • Here you get two kinds of codes one is search box js and another one is search result page js.
Note: In custom search engine concern you should use single page results. Double page result is not recommended.
Place custom search engine on blogger and wordpress:
  • Login to your blogger => go to blogger theme layout => add html/java script widgets (also you can add anywhere in the blogger layout) => paste the code search box code here => save it
  • Now new search box appears on your blogger.
Please custom search engine on wordpress:
  • Go to wordpress dashboard => select appearance => widgets => choose paste html code => paste your search box => save it
  • Now new custom search engine box will be displayed on your wordpress

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