How to delete windows update in Windows 7

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How to delete windows update in Windows 7:

Windows is the famous operating software which is owned by Microsoft. It is hand crafted and very user friendly. But sometimes windows updates automatically if we set it us auto updates. But it causes memory overflow on your computer. Due to less memory our computer obviously starts slow loading the app application. Hence in this article we are going to see how to delete windows update and how to stop windows update automatically.
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How to delete windows update:?

Deleting windows update is the best way to clean up the disk space. In my computer, I installed new wifi just two months back and I forget to switch of the windows update hence finally my memory has gone to 56GB to 96 GB of windows operating system file. So lets start how to delete them.

Disk cleanup the updates.

  • Go to your C drive
  • Right click on it => select properties => there you see all system c drive memory details.
  • There you see disk cleanup => select it
  • Now system collects all dump file and displays the memory as its location.
  • Then select the files which you want to delete. Click on ok then immediately system starts cleaning our compute junk files.
  • Also in this above you won’t see windows update date, to clean that just start the above procedure until to get the dump files.
  • After getting dump data fields select installed update file clean up as shown in the figure.
  • Click on clean up => that’s app your all of the windows updates, junk data automatically will be cleared.

Uninstall updates:

Also windows 7 have options that the installed any of the updates can be uninstalled as your requirement. For that,
  • Go to My computer
  • Select control panel => windows updates => In the left bottom you see an Installed updates => select it.
  • Then you see all the updates which your OS downloaded from the internet.
  • Here by selecting the specific update, you can easily uninstall from your computer.

How to stop automatic windows update in windows 7:

You should never keep the windows in automatic update. It downloads most of the file from the internet and occupy the c drive memory. To avoid such problem, you can simply stop automatic updates.
Let’s start.
  • Log on to your computer
  • Go to My computer
  • Select the top menu “Control panel”
  • Click on windows updates => change settings => there you see four options such as never update, automatic update, download update files waiting for my review to install and check the updates and wait for download and install for my review.
  • In the above you choose never update option. after that, windows never check the updates or install on your computer.
  • That’s all.

Video Explanation for How to remove windows updates on PC:

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