How to Renew Godaddy Domain, Hosting Without TAX 18%

5 Feb, 2021 Blogger Beginner 3 Comments

Renew Domain and Hosting at cheaper cost

Godaddy is the highest domain provider in India. In India almost they are selling 0.1 Million domains (one lakhs domain) per year. They are charging Rs 55 to 1000 per domain based in the domain extension. Additionally, they are charging 18% of GST along with the bill. In my story I have paid almost 1M INR to the Indian Government for tax only. Recently I have learnt how to renew godaddy domain or hosting at cheaper rate. Let see, How to do it.

Note that, it does not require to create new godaddy account and your existing account itself is enough. In case if you do not have godaddy account means, you just create a new one and follow the below said procedure.

Also, the same tricks work for new domain or hosting registration as well as renewing your godaddy product.


Go to your godaddy dashboard


Select the product which you need to renew or to be booked new. While selecting your godaddy product price contain with the TAX of additional 18%.


Add the billing information such as your name and address. In that, add the GST number of anyone. This is the trick in which while adding the GST number, The TAX value will be reduced or removed from your invoice.

For example, I have added The Chennai Saravana Stores GST number of 33AAEFS2092J1Z6. Look at this, the TAX is fully removed. Here, we shall pay only the product cost.

That’s all.


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