How to solve adsense site is down or unavailable?

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How to solve adsense site is down or unavailable?

Many online publisher wants to make money online through google adsense. Google adsense is owned by google which offers high CPC to their publishers. Google adsense inject the ads through google AdWords. Google adword is an advertisement platform. The advertiser pays money to google adword and adsense deliver their targeted audience through various website. Getting approval to adsense is really very difficult. Adsense rejects the publishers application with the reason such as under construction, valuable inventory: no content, scrapped content and site is down or unavailable.
In this article we are going to solve site is down or unavailable issue.
This issue comes only to the website which uses blogger platform. Many bloggers are using custom domain to represent their blog. But they failed to connect their blog with adsense. This is because of blogger are intent to bypass the default option. in blogger there is an option is called earnings tap. Whenever you are going to apply for adsense means you should apply through earnings option only. If you are bypassing this feature means, we have to face site is down or unavailable problem.
This problem can be solved by doing two setting such as enabling www redirect at blogger dashboard and removing parked CNAME in your hosting.

www redirect to the domain:

  • Login to your blogger dashboard
  • Go to basic settings
  • There in left side add 3rd party URL.
  • If you completed above means, then you just edit the 3rd party URL and put check in the www redirect.
  • Save it.
  • Check your URL by entering without www, then automatically browser should redirect to

Removing Parked C name;

In godaddy, may of the domain is still being parked in their server. Which means when you execute the naked domain (without www) it directly goes to godaddy advertisement pages only. When you apply with these condition, that time also you get the same problem (site is down).
To overcome this, you have to add 4 A records and you should remove the godaddy parked Cname. Follow the steps
  • Login to your godaddy dashboard.
  • Select the domain => choose manage dns
  • Add four number of a records. And the server details are available here.
  • Now remove parked CNAME of the godaddy.
  • After 24 hours your domain automatically redirect with the www extention.


  • If you are using blogger, then apply for adsense through earnings option
  • Add www redirect in basic settings
  • Add four A records in your domain register.
  • Remove godaddy parked CNAME
That’s all follow above four points, you do not get site is down or unavailable problem in adsense.

Video Explanation: Site is down or unavailable in Blogger

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