How to Transfer Blogger to WordPress in One Click

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Are you a beginner for blogging? I recommend you start with your blogging carrier from Google’s since it is free and which has many tutorials on YouTube. But, after a few months, may get bored since blogger has a limited feature. So you may opt to transfer your blog from the blogger’s platform to some other advanced level platform. Here, I recommend you to choose WordPress.

Hence, let us see how to transfer a blogger to WordPress. For that, you should have a Webhosting.

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Blogger Import default Plugin is Not Recommended?

Note that I never suggest you use the blogger import default plugin. Since it does not work as we expected. It creates 404 errors, false redirection, image misalignment, limited number of imports etc.

So, I recommend you to use the Blogger import extended plugin. It has many advantages such as,

  1. Direct import from blogger
  2. No need to create an XML file or backup your blog content
  3. Instant of access
  4. Unlimited import at one click
  5. Easy to use (especially for Non-Techie)

Follow my steps to import blogger content easily.

Step1: Login and Go to Your WordPress admin panel => Plugin => press add new => Find the plugin “Blogger import extended” => Install the plugin => Activate it

Step2: Come back to your admin panel => go to setting => you will see the blogger import extended setting and click on that (the same way you can access it in the plugin section).

Step3: Then you see three options such as run importer, URL Redirection, and Final Redirection. As you know the blogger URL end with the .html extension along with the dates. Hence, in order to transfer a blogger to WordPress, you have to initially set redirection settings as shown in the above image.

Step4: Then Select Run Importer => It will redirect you to new window => then enter the blogger ID in which the website to be imported to WordPress => hit the submit button. => After few seconds your post will be imported.

Step5: Now go to blogger import extension dashboard => there you see a redirect option => from that download the XML file. This file is used to redirect blogger to WordPress losing your traffic.

import blogger to wordpress

import blogger to WordPress

Step6: Go to your Blogger dashboard => Theme => Customize => restore => upload your XML file which you have downloaded from step5.

That’s all of your content and traffic will be transferred from blogger to WordPress.

Also note that, if you are transferring the content from the same domain means, you do not need to follow step6.

Note: if the application is not available in the post section then go to tools; there you can find the tags to category converter => install the plugin => Start converting.

Final Redirection after Transferring blogger content to WordPress:

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