The Important Setting After Installation of WordPress

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The Important Setting After Installation of WordPress:

Many WordPress Beginner forget to do the below mentioned setting, also it is essential part for starting of your website. Even I learned these after six months in wordpress. Because these settings are very important for Search engine optimizationimprove your website page rank, increasing your organic search traffic in google or bing, converting one-time visitor into loyal subscriber etc. In this tutorial We are going to see The Important Setting that to be done After Installation of WordPress for better performance. Lets start..

Setting1: Adding www in front of your domain

Example: When purchasing your domain, it will be available in format, But here you have to convert to

First what is www and why its important:

www is nothing but a short form if World Wide Web. For more details Read this. It is important to easy to remember your website url. If you send a naked URL such as means unknown users have little fear to entire your URL in their browser. But if you add www in your domain prefix, they come easily to your website. Because www creates brand about your website. Also you can print your website in your business card, emails, billboards, flyers etc.
Refer this Page about URL Importance.
Let’s see how to do the settings,
Step1: Login to your WordPress control panel
Step2: Select setting => Go to General setting => There you can see
WordPress Address (URL) : change to
That’s all your site will be automatically ask you to complete login process. After completing of your login process your site automatically redirect with www prefix.

Setting 2: Reading Setting:

This setting decides about your home page; weather you want to keep customized home page or last blog post page. For beginner level you can keep it in last post page as home page. Static page is nothing but a collective of all blog post that you posted in your website. Here you can change the number of blog post displaying in your home page.
Here you can keep upto 999 pages in your home page of your wordpress website.

Setting 3: Permalinks setting:

This is the most important setting for SEO practice. Here you have to change URL Custom Structure as
Here post name is the important, as per SEO keeping focus keyword in your URL gives more seo score. Never forget to do this setting.

Setting 4: Widget setting

In this setting used to avoid content hacking through RSS feed. Possibly delete “Meta” Widget from your Website.


Above mention settings has to be done after installation of your WordPress Website.

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