Top 5 best Adsense Plugin to increase your revenue

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Top 5 best Adsense Plugin to increase your revenue:

Adsense is free platform which is used to help online publishers to make money. After getting approval from adsense many of the bloggers are failed to optimize their adsense ads in their website. Since adsense are contextual ads network. Adsense pushes the ads in terms of banners, links, and popups. Here your revenue is mainly depending on the ads click as well as active viewable percentage. It means at least as per international advertisement board; the banner ads should be payable if the ads having 50px of active view only. It means the ads can make the revenue if user views your ads by minimum 50px.
But many bloggers may have good traffic but they cannot make much money as they expected. However, in this video we are going to the best top 5 adsense plugin ton increase your revenue in to multiple time.

Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads:

This is the number one plugin for placing adsense ads. Using this plugin, you can automatically insert adsense codes according to your requirement. This Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads plugin identify the number of paragraph tags in your content. You can insert the ad code according to place and position. Also ad inserter plugin enables to place the ads in between posts (In home page and category pages).
Native of the ads: Automatic

 WP Simple Adsense Insertion:

Another one of my favorite adsense ads inserter is Wp simple adsense insertion. Using this plugin, you can add adcode on the specific places by inserting the sort code of the plugin. After activation this plugin, we have to enter the adcode from the adsense. Also this plugin has default option that, you can add adsense ads automatically on the second paragraph of each pages. Also we can change the adunit by replacing the adcode by new adsense. The changes will be happened instantly.
Native of the ads: Manual Placement.

WP QUADS – Quick AdSense

Wp quads is little bit different plugin as compared with above two adsense plugin. In this, by providing publisher id itself, the plugin is creating automatic ad units according to your requirement. Also you can target specific adunit for the specific devices. i.e if you are planning to ad-unit-1 for mobile user means, you can disable the desktop version. Vice versa. Also you can target ads in the home page, category, search pages, archive pages and author pages.

Post Adverts Plugin:

Post adverts plugin is the best adsense plugin for targeting a specific place. i.e if you want to place the particular ads or content in the specific place, by creating new post adverts and providing the specific paragraph number the ad units will be displayed automatically. Also you can add content in place of ads.

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