Top 10 Cheap .com domain provider in India – $2 Per .com Domain

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Domains are nothing but an IP address. Which identifies the unique source of particular products or objects. Simply to say domain name is the foundation of your online business. i.e. take a simple example of your home, here your home considers as hosting, your home address considers as a domain name, and your home member is called a URL. So to identify your house they call you in the name of address that is a domain name.

In this article, we are going to see the cheapest .com domain provider in India and you can always check before buying a domain.
Note: if you are going to buy a domain with hosting means we suggest you buy them with a hosting package. Blue host offers the cheapest hosting in the world and they are providing free domain with their hosting packages.
My personal suggestion is you to check this website before booking domain and they will be in updated day to day life. is the number one cheapest domain provider in India. They offer a single domain for 138 rs with 12 for ICANN charges. Hence you can get the domain at 150 rupees INR. To book a domain in means you have to use a credit card. Also with an annual hosting plan, you can get a free .com domain for one year.

Namesilo is my favorite domain register which offers a single domain at 430 rs INR always with multiple domains for a single customer. Also, you can make money by referring your friends upon sales by your friend from your link you will get paid as well. You have to use a credit card to book the domain.


Godaddy is the cheapest .com domain provider in India and you can directly pay via net banking or using debit cards, etc. by booking a two-year GoDaddy charges 1300 Rs such as Rs 140 for the first-year and remaining for the second year. For a single year, they charge 960/-. But I suggest you book for a single year and put the promo code is called “GOFLIN16” By using this, you get a 65% offer and your price will be reduced to 472 rs.
Note: Godaddy promo code is valid one per customer but by changing browser and mail id you can book multiple domains for Rs 472.


The second cheapest .com domain provider in India and you cannot use normal net banking like GoDaddy. But by using a credit card you can purchase the domain easily. Hostinger offers 482 and basic price plus 12 rs for ICANN Charges. Totally you can get the single domain for 501 rs INR. Also, you can book multiple domains in a single account.


Bigrock is the third cheapest domain provider in India. To get a cheap price from Bigrock domain you have to use the promo code “GETMEONLINE”. The domain basic price as 399 rs plus 84 rs as GST charges. Totally you can get a single .com domain at 483 rs INR. This is cheaper than the Hostinger domain, but they do not give you the domain consistently. It is seasonal offers only.

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