What is hosting and How to select good hosting

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What is hosting and How to select good hosting:

Many Blogger would like to go in next level of their blogging business means they have to purchase one hosting from any of the Hosting service provider in the world. Before purchasing any hosting, you must know what is hosting and how to select good hosting. Since poor hosting may cause the loss the traffic, low ad speed request causes earning loss, poor user experience. In this we are going all about hosting service.

What is hosting:

Hosting is nothing but a home which means you are going to dump your post in a place and which place is having unique door number which is called IP address. Whenever search engine searches a keyword, your house door will automatically open and tells about your content to search spider. If the content matches the search keyword, the spider pickup your content and displays it to their users. To select Good hosting, we should take care of many aspects. Selection of hosting is some important criteria in the digital platform. Low quality hosting affects search results.

Types of webhosting available in the market:

1) Single Web hosting
2) Shared web hosting
3) Premium web hosting
4) Business web hosting
5) Dedicated Web servers

Single web hosting

In this you can able to host single website;
Advantage: low cost, good enough for bloggers,
Disadvantage: all the important such as bandwidth, disk space, email access and FTP control will be limited to single user levels. There is No separate server for your website, speed your website will be limited

Shared webhosting:

In this hosting plan, you are going to share your server with various website. This hosting service is better than single web hosting. The hosting provider increases the bandwidth of your website.

Premium service:

This plan creates bench mark for your website. The hosting provider explore all the advantage in the hosing service. I suggest to go with this service. Here you can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disc space, Everything unlimited


  1. You can add multiple website in single hosting
  2. Separate dedicated server for your all website
  3. Unlimited Subdomain creation
  4. Free SSL certificate for your one website
  5. free domain for one year
  6. Unlimited email account.
  7. Good customer supports etc
Note: All the hosting plan will be varied between various hosting provider.
This type of web hosting good for Movies and video hosting, Blogger, small business websites, etc

Business web hosting:

This is good for ecommerce website.
Let see the important aspects that you have to see while selecting your hosting.

Server location:

This is the most important planning to target the particular country users. Because the search spider always tries to pick easy the local content. Example:
If my server located in India, so it always prefers to pick Indian server data’s.
But always choose the high commercial countries server location such as US, UK, Canada etc. Because of is you are going to use third party advertisement platform such as google adsense, Infolinks, pop ads, pop cash etc. means they give high CPC, CPM for high commercial countries. By this you can earn more money as compared with Asian countries.

Domain extensions:

Sometimes The hosting provider offers free domain with their premium hosting plan example blue host, Hostinger, godaddy, dream hosting etc. So do not purchase your desired domain before deciding your hosting plans.
Here domain extention means, .com, .in, .us, .uk, .org etc. These are all the items called domain extention. In this the google search spider always prefer to index the local country content. So if you are targeting US users, then selecting .us extention gives better traffic from US country, Also If you are targeting Indian users then .in extention gives better result as compared with other extention such as .com or .org.

Disk Space:

Disk space means the total memory that you can able to store your website data. If you are going to use photo gallery or video hosting better go for unlimited space.
FTP Users:
FTP user means, File transfer protocol. In this, you are going to import custom website without any external website control panel provider such as WordPress, Jamila, etc. But this is not required for blogger’s WordPress website.

Free SSL:

Many hosting provider provides free SSL certificate for life time. If you purchase custom SSL, my recommendation is, do not purchase custom SSL, the cost around Rs 550 ($ 8 USD) per SSL for one year. But if you purchase with hosting service, you will get the same with lifelong.
Free SSL provider with their hosting plan: Hostinger, Blue Host

Number of website you are going to add:

Many bloggers are willing to expand their business, but they failure to purchase this option at starting. Always go with unlimited website adding option.


This is the most important criteria for purchasing hosting. Because bandwidth only decides the speed of your website.
Example: Take, If your website receives 50 K hits at a time from various countries, your website should not suffer to serve the all http request. If you have low bandwidth the browser skips your pages to display your website. Due to this you will lose your traffic. So always go for high bandwidth hosting services.

My suggestion:

Guys always go for premium plan in Hostinger or blue host service. They have better result as compared with other hosting provider. Godaddy hosting is costlier than other hosting provider.
Join With Hostinger
Join with Blue Host

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