What is Plugin 12 Important Plugin For Your WordPress Website

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What is Plugin 12 Important Plugin For Your WordPress Website:

What is plugin:

A plugin is a software or coding that can be forced to work for the particular functions in your WordPress website. Plugin controls behavior and feature of your WordPress theme.

How to Install WordPress Plugin?

Step1: Login to your WordPress Admin Panel
Step2: There you can see Plugin Section => Select add New => it will redirect you to plugin store => Put the desired plugin keyword on the search box
Step3: After getting your desired plugin click on install the plugin => Next do not forget to activate the plugin => You can do the plugin setting in your wordpress admin panel or WordPress panel’s setting section.
Also see: How to install wordpress theme

How to deactivate your installed plugin:

WordPress beginner adds so many plugins to their website, finally your website suffers from slow loading. To avoid this, you have to keep your website with less plugin. In this we are going to see the step by step guide to how to deactivate your installed wordpress plugin.
Step1: Login to your WordPress Control panel
Step2: Go to plugin => Select installed plugin => Find your unwanted or the plugin to be deactivate => Click on deactivate plugin => after that actin, the plugin will be stopped working on your website. But at any time you can activate the same plugin whenever it is required. The plugin will be stored in inactive section.

How to delete your plugin permanently?

WordPress has awesome setting to install, deactivate, and delete your plugin at any time. Let see how to delete your plugin permanently. After deleting you can get them again in plugin store.
Step1: Follow above deactivate plugin steps
Step2: Click on inactivate plugin
Step3: Select delete => that’s all you have permanently deleted your plugin.
Also you can customize you installed plugin using plugin code editor.

12 Important plugin for your WordPress Website:

Some of the plugin is used to boost your website even commercially. These plugins must be used for your wordpress website. But we are not going to see the full explanation at here. Let’s see..
1). Contact 7 => used to add contact form. Your visitor can easily contact you using this plugin, for that you have to create a page and put the short code on the specific page which your user can contact you. The contact information directly goes to admin email id of your website.
2). Yoast => This is most powerful SEO plugin which is the highest number of WordPress user installed plugin. It use to analysis your content and it gives the idea to improve the content quality such as keyword strength, phrase check, URL check etc… It increase your page search in various search engine such as google, Yahoo, Bing etc..
3). Wp catche => This plugin is used to speed up your website. It deletes all cache files from your website. Also it is used to speed up your ads displaying in your website.
4). Wp-Faq => FAQ is nothing but a Frequently asked questions. This plugin creates clickable faq question for your website. It does not require for general blog website but this is important those who are running business sites. it creates great user experience on your site.
5) Broken link checker => This is very important plugin. Recently I studied an article in shoutmeloud.com, the importance of this plugin. This plugin checks all links in your website in periodically also gives the alert mail to the respective admin mail id.
Note: if you are using google adsense, then you must have this broken link checker plugin. it intimate the user regarding broken links. suppose if you are not carrying about these  broken links means google adsense disable your site by improper navigation.
6) blogger import extended => are you a blogger? Migrating from google blogger.com. then you must use this plugin. This use to import your blogger content to your wordpress website.
7) Pixabay => This is an official plugin of free image website pixabay.com. using this you can add free image directly to your website.
8) Google translator => Google translator plugin use to get international visitor to your website.
9) Push engage= > it uses to deliver your post to your subscriber. I never recommend to use mailchimp or any third party mail delivery system. Because google adsense policy reject our website if you do such an activate. Instead of this, you can go for google feed burner post delivery system.
10) XML generator => this is most important and powerful plugin, it uses to submit your website to google search console and bing webmaster control.
11) google analyticator => it uses to determine your website daily visitors count.
12) Social share => it is used to share your content in public platform


Guys never forget to user these 12 important plugin at any cost. These all plugin are very essential to grow your website from 0 level to infinity level.

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